Can I Paint over Silk Paint?

Silk paint is a durable option for painting, but the shiny finish can also look dated. So you may have considered whether you can paint over silk paint.

Certain types of paint are more difficult to paint over than others, and silk paint is one of those. So, if you want to paint over silk paint, here is everything you need to know.

What Is the Difference Between Matte Paint and Silk Paint?

Silk and matte refer to the paint’s finishes, such as matte, eggshell, satin, silk, and gloss, in order of shine.

Matte, also known as flat paint, reflects the least light and has almost no shine. This means that it hides flaws such as bumps and cracks on the surface very well. However, it can also make rooms seem smaller due to its light absorption.

Silk paint is one of the shiniest types of paint available, second only to gloss. Its highly reflective finish makes the light bounce off and creates a glossy effect. Silk paint, also called semi-gloss paint, is highly durable and resistant to stains and moisture damage.

However, its effect can also be overwhelming when used on large surfaces, so most interior designers only use it for kitchens and bathrooms.

Matte and silk paint can come in multiple colors. The only difference between them is in the glossiness of their finish.

How to Paint Over Silk Paint with Matte

You can paint over silk paint with matte. However, there’s a couple of steps you need to follow before doing so.

Sand the Paint

Silk paint provides a smooth, high gloss finish and repels dirt and stains. Therefore, painting over silk paint proves to be more difficult, as new paint will not stick as easily. You can solve this problem by firstly sanding down the silk paint.

Using 100-grit sandpaper to remove the glossy layer of silk paint, you can create a base that the matte paint can adhere to.

Clean the Surface

Once done sanding, there will be dust and paint particles leftover on the wall. Wipe down the walls with a damp towel, then dry completely before painting.

Apply Primer

Finally, apply primer and let it dry before applying your matte paint. Paint primer is essential during any painting job because it helps the paint bond to the surface and creates a smoother finish.

Why Paint Over Silk Paint with Matte?

Painting matte paint over silk can help provide a fresh, more understated look by absorbing more light in the room. Matte paint can also help cover up flaws.


Painting over silk paint can update your home and help hide away any imperfections from the surface. When painting over silk paint, prep the surface by sanding down the silk paint before applying a primer.

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