Can You Paint Over Gloss Paint?

Gloss paint is a popular way to add sheen to interiors, particularly on moldings and baseboards. However, if you’re looking for a change, you may have wondered if you can paint over gloss paint.

Certain types of paint don’t react well with other paints applied over them. Resulting in uneven, streaky finishes.

You can paint over gloss paint. As long as you prep the surface first, depending on the paint you’re using.

Cleaning Gloss Paint

The first step is to clean the surface. Use trisodium phosphate, known as ‘sugar soap,’ for best results.

Sugar soap is an alkaline cleaning solution that helps remove grease and other residues. Using sugar soap ensures that the surface is clean and ready for painting.

When cleaning with sugar soap, be sure to let the area dry thoroughly before painting. Be sure to wear protection as some sugar soaps can be irritating for your skin.

Choosing Your Paint

The next step in painting over gloss paint is choosing your paint.

Eggshell or satin paints can decrease the shininess of a gloss-covered object. However, they only work on wood finishes and require sanding beforehand.

You can also paint Matte emulsions over gloss paint. However, you will need to apply a primer beforehand.

Painting Over Gloss Paint

If you choose a satin or eggshell paint, the next step is to sand the surface. If you choose an emulsion, you will need to go over the surface with a primer first.


Painting over gloss paint can be more difficult than painting over matte, but it is still doable. You can use satin, eggshell, or another gloss paint as long as you sand the surface beforehand.

Alternatively, you can use a matte emulsion but will need a primer base. You need to clean the surface well before painting using an alkaline solution, no matter which paint you use.

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