Can You Use Frozen Paint?

Frozen paint doesn’t have to be thrown away. So, if you have frozen paint, you may be wondering if you can still use it.

If you have leftover paint, you shouldn’t store it in low temperatures as cold temperatures can damage paint compounds.

So, here’s what to do if your paint freezes.

Which Type of Paint Is Most Likely to Freeze?

Water-based paint such as latex is the most likely to freeze due to the water content. Latex paint will freeze at the same temperature as water, 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius.

Oil paint is less prone to freeze as it contains chemicals that stop it from reacting to low temperature.

Can You Use Frozen Paint?

Some paint types can be used again once they’ve thawed.

Once the paint has thawed, check if the composition has been affected, including a lumpy consistency or altered color.

If you notice that the texture of your paint is different, you will have to throw away the paint and buy a new can.

If the paint has never frozen before, you have a higher chance of salvaging it. Freezing damages the paint’s emulsion and the mixture.

While you can salvage most types of paint after freezing, it doesn’t mean that you should allow it to freeze. The best way to store paint is in a cool environment, free from cold temperatures.

How to Salvage Frozen Paint

The first step in salvaging frozen paint is to let it thaw, as any quick temperature change will stop paint from recovering again. Do not put frozen paint near a heater to speed up the process.

Once the paint is in liquid form, stir it vigorously. Your goal is to mix the ingredients that may have separated during the freezing and thawing cycle to achieve a smooth consistency.

Firstly, paint a small strip and let it dry. If there is any graininess or other texture issues, you will need to buy new paint.

How to Store Paint to Avoid Freezing

Store paint in a cool, dry place to prevent it from freezing.


Paint can freeze, and water-based paints such as latex paint are more prone to freezing. However, this doesn’t mean you should allow it to, as freezing affects paints’ texture.

If your paint freezes, allow it to thaw, then stir to combine the materials again. Although if the texture is bumpy, throw it away.

To prevent freezing, store paint indoors in a cool environment.

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