Is Chalkboard Paint Magnetic?

Chalkboard paint is a fun, versatile paint you can use to transform any wall into a giant canvas. However, you may wonder whether chalkboard paint is magnetic.

Chalkboard paint is slightly magnetic. From our experience, you’ll need more powerful magnets than you think to hang anything from them effectively.

What is Chalkboard Paint?

Chalkboard paint is a specialized paint that forms a hard coating in the form of a regular classroom chalkboard, once dry. This can then be used as a writing surface.

Chalkboard paint is suitable for glass, metal, drywall, and almost any other hard surface.

How Many Coats of Chalkboard Paint Do You Need?

The number of coats you’ll need depends on the type of surface. However, you’ll need at least two coats for the paint to set on the wall.

After applying the paint, let it dry off completely. If you feel it needs another coat, apply another one and let it dry completely. Continue until you think the surface looks even.

How Do You Remove Magnetic Chalkboard Paint?

To remove the chalkboard paint, you should follow these steps:

1. Wash the surface with soap and water. You may need to use a wet cloth for this. Remove any dirt and residue and let it completely dry before moving on to the next step

2. Sand the entire surface until smooth

3. Apply an oil-based primer. Let it dry before applying a second layer.

4. Finally, you can start painting over the wall. Apply a single coat of paint and let it dry for at least half an hour. Then apply another layer and let it dry completely. If you think it needs another layer, repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the result.


If you want to turn your wall into a chalkboard, you can do so with chalkboard paint. However, don’t expect it to have a strong magnetic pull.

To summarise, you should consider other options when wanting to magnetize your wall.

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