Is Spray Paint Waterproof?

Spray paint is an easy way to cover surfaces of all sizes and is often used outdoors. However, you may be wondering if spray paint is waterproof.

There is no point in going to the effort of spraying a surface if it is not waterproof. A non-waterproof paint won’t withstand outdoor weather or even too much moisture inside. Not only will your paint job get ruined, but it could also lead to damage to the surface beneath your paint.

So, is spray paint waterproof, or will you need to add an extra layer of sealant? Here is everything that you need to know.

What Makes Spray Paint Waterproof?

Most spray paints are not waterproof. At most, they are water-resistant. However, specific spray paints for outdoor use are waterproof. Their formulas contain chemicals that bond to the surface more effectively even when it gets wet.

Spray paint with a high gloss content, such as enamel paints, will also be waterproof. Other spray paints that tend to be waterproof are auto paint and oil-based paints.

To waterproof spray paint, apply a primer and ensure that you are using paint formulated to that material.

Is Spray Paint Water Resistant?

Most spray paints are water-resistant. All-surface, general-purpose, and enamel spray paint are all types of paints that are usually water-resistant.

The difference between water-resistant and waterproof spray paint is in their level of protection against moisture. While waterproof paint will not dissolve in water at all, water-resistant paints will eventually fade with time.

Does Spray Paint Need to Be Sealed?

When spray painting an outdoor surface, you should seal it even if you are using waterproof paint. Sealant provides an extra layer of protection and guarantees that your paint will last longer.

A waterproof sealant can help your paint last longer by preventing chipping and fading. It will also protect the surface beneath it by preventing water and moisture from penetrating the paint.

Does Spray Paint Come Off in Water?

Some spray paint comes off easily in water, while other varieties are more resistant.

Almost all spray paints wash off easily when they are still wet. This allows you to wipe off any mistakes you make during the application process as long as you do it before the paint dries.

However, certain types of spray paint come off in water even after they are dry. Chalkboard paint and artistic spray paint used for graffiti art usually wash off easily. If you are using the wrong kind of spray paint for your surface, it will also wash off easily because the paint will not bond to the material.

Can You Spray Paint in the Rain?

Spray painting in the rain is a bad idea, as the paint will not bond with the surface properly.

Even when using waterproof paint, you need to wait for a dry day to apply it. Spray paint is not fully waterproof until it bonds to the surface after it dries.

You need to wait several hours, sometimes up to a day, for the spray paint to dry completely.

How Long Does Spray Paint Last Outside?

Spray paint can last for several years outside. However, there are a couple of things to consider to get the maximum life span out of your spray paint application.

For instance, ensure you are using the correct type of paint for the surface. Sand the surface beforehand, and be sure to give the paint more than enough time to dry.


Most types of spray paint are only water-resistant, not waterproof. However, outdoor spray paints tend to be waterproof. Most companies will highlight it on the label if their paint is waterproof or not.

Spray paint is an easier way to coat surfaces than traditional paint. If you use it properly, it can also protect against moisture.

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